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Welcome to Hampstead Medical Center

                                                                                                                                                                                          All of us at Hampstead Medical Center (HMC) welcome you to our office! We thank you for trusting the medical care of your family to our team. 


We assure you that we will try our best to serve you and your loved ones with passion and dedication and offer very efficient and quality medical care. All of our team members work here like a family, and we all will try to treat you the same way.  


OUR NEW LOCATION: As you know, our original office founded in 1985 was destroyed in a blazing fire on July 04, 2009.  For three long years, Dr. garg kept on struggling and suffering but kept on serving his patients at 14905 Hwy. 17 office.  After all the patience, prayers and hard work, we have finally moved to our new office located at the old site. Now we are serving our patients at 14980 Hwy. 17 North, Hampstead.
We are located right across from the newly build McDonalds and just next to the traffic lightTraffic in Hampstead has increased.  Please be careful while driving to and back from our office.

We thank the Almighty, our friends, family and all our patients who have helped us to get us back on our feet.  Thank you all very much. God Bless!